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Highlands Hidden Gem

3 Acre Off-Leash Dog Park, with 40'x60' Refreshing Swimming Pool

Bark Park

Proper exercise and socialization is imperative to the health and well-being of your pet, and the lack of exercise is the #1 reason your dog will misbehave. Let's face it, sometimes a leisure walk is not enough, yet there is no place, until now, where your pet is legally allowed to be off-leash to be able to run, swim and on top of that, play with other dogs. (By nature, they are "Pack Animals" and love to be in a pack, or group of dogs.) 

Park Features

The following is included: Privacy fencing, all day security, key card access gated entrance/exit, environmentally safe and pest-free grounds, extra large tunnels, sand pits and hills, 4ft deep gradual entry concrete dog pool, shaded pavilion, benches, picnic tables, balls & toys, several refillable water spouts & bowls, poop bag dispensers, along with a self-serve dog wash station including a raised tub, supplies and towels

How It Works

Before applying, we invite each pet owner to book a tour of the facility with your dog. This will allow our staff to further explain the rules and regulations for the Bark Park, and at the same time have your dog take our Temperament Test. Each pet owner will need to provide full immunization records before gaining access to the park. Once these steps have been passed, the application can be processed and a key card will be provided for use

Rules & Regulations

Conditions for use of our Bark Park:

  • Up to date shot records are MANDATORY throughout an active membership. Failure to provide ongoing current vaccinations will result in card deactivation

  • Parking allowed in designated areas ONLY. Do not block any driveway, walkway, or another vehicle.

  • Absolutely no dog(s) are to be left in a vehicle.

  • Key cards can not be shared - a person who violates this policy will be banned from the Park.

  • Dog(s) must be on a leash prior to entering, and upon departing the park. Owners must carry a leash at all times.

  • Limit of two(2) dogs per adult, per visit.

  • No children under 13 years old, unless approved by owners of Bed & Biscuit.

  • Intact males and puppies under 4 months old are PROHIBITED.

  • Dog(s) must be in-sight of their owner/handler at ALL times.

  • Dog(s) who BARK excessively MUST LEAVE the park.

  • Rough play is fine as long as it is consensual.

  • If aggressive behavior is observed, IMMEDIATELY take action. Please either move your dog, or LEAVE the area.

  • No food or glass allowed in the park, plastic only.

  • Shoes must be worn at all times, along with appropriate attire for a family park.

  • NO SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL on the property. Violators will be banned from the park.

  • Please clean up after yourself and your dog(s). Waste containers and waste bag dispensers are located throughout the park.

  • Close ALL gates. No exceptions.

  • Absolutely NO toys are to be left in Pool. A skimmer can be found in pool area to retrieve floating toys.

Temperament Test

Bed & Biscuit Pet Resort's goal is to create a recreation area where all the members and their dogs are able to enjoy themselves. To do this, we will be very selective as to the dogs we will allow in the Bark Park. The grade your dog receives is based on our observation of their reaction in a controlled setting. These grades are NOT a judgment about the worth of your dog, but simply an assessment of your dog's temperament and how well they can interact with other dogs. This does not mean you have a bad dog, however we do have the right to refuse admission to any dog who fails this test.

Hours & More

Bark PARK Hours:

Monday to Sunday & Holidays


We would LOVE to have you as part of our park membership family. After a review of all information, if you are interested in joining our Bark Park, please call us to schedule an appointment with a tour. The rules and regulations will be reviewed with you, an application will need to be filled out, as well as passing the temperament test. Upon registration, you are required to bring current shot records from your vet, as well as keep them up to date throughout your membership. We strongly recommend having current Flea and Tick control.

*Use at your own risk. The owner/handler is responsible and liable for the actions and behaviors of their dog(s) at ALL times. You must register your dog(s) prior to entering the park. (This includes an evaluation of your dog(s).) Please call us at the office to schedule a tour and an appointment. 

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