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Pitbull Portrait

Bed & Biscuit Pet Resort

Care for Your Furry Friends

At Bed & Biscuit Pet Resort, we do more than provide pet care - we care about your pet just as we care about our own. Not only are we animal lovers, but we also have the experience to provide the highest quality of services.

Our 2024 Prices

All Your Pet Care Needs Under One Woof

Daycare & Boarding

3'x8' Kennel - $30/calendar day*

4'x8' Kennel - $32/calendar day*

Additional dog(s) - $15 each (max 4/kennel)


3 Level Cat Condo - $25/calendar day*

Additional cat(s) - $15 each

*Half off last day of stay, if picking up between 8:30-9:30am

Additional Services

$2/day - Out Alone Fee (mandatory for Full Males or dogs who don't get along with others)

$2/day - House Food Feeding Charge

$1/dose - Medication Administration Fee

$5/day - Bark Park access (non-member)

$2.50/day - Bark Park access (member)

ranging from $14-$22 - Kennel Bath* (add Deshed

for an extra $10) 

$10 - Nail Trim

*kennel baths do not apply to double coated dogs

Grooming Salon

starting at $55 - Full Groom small dogs

starting at $65 - Full Groom medium dogs

starting at $75 - Full Groom large dogs

*price may differ based on style, cut, size, difficulty and length of fur/hair. Groomer has decision on final price*

$35 - Small Dog Bath & Nail Trim (under 24lbs)

$40 - Medium Dog Bath & Nail Trim (25-49lbs)

$45 - Large Dog Bath & Nail Trim (50lbs and over)

$10 - Nail Trim & Dremmel


$10 - Deshedding

$8 - Dematting

$10 - Anti Flea Shampoo

$6 - Sanitary & Paw Trim

$5 - Anal glands

$4 - Whitening Shampoo

$2.50 - Teeth Brushing




$20 - for any short haired small dog breeds under 25lbs

includes shampoo/conditioner bath, blowout, nails trimmed, ear cleaning, anal glands checked (if needed), spritz of perfume & bandana/bow.

*Reservation required! No walk-ins!*

Dog Park Membership

$50 per month + one time $10 registration fee

$10 deposit required for key card, which will be refunded once key card is returned

*Extra dog(s) an additional $10 per month. Must be from same household. Monthly payment must be received prior to the 5th day of each month, or key card access is subject to deactivation and removal of park access

$10 Daily Park Pass

*pay as you go; key card is given upon payment and must be returned same day

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